With 240 devices across a maximum of 100 Zones, The Zerio Plus system offers the perfect wireless solution, for all types and sizes of buildings.

For installations where the requirements exceed the capabability of a single system, multiple systems can be networked*

The system offers complex multi-path fault tolerant signalling. Minimising false alarms whilst providing maximum protection for the occupants of the building.

With the use of either wireless or wired signal boosters, the range of the system can be extended, and during the automatic set-up, the system will configure this equipment to ensure the most reliable and effective operation is achieved.

The system is designed and manufactured at our factory in Harlow, Essex.

You can be safe in the knowledge that the system complies fully with all current legislation, and has undergone rigorous third party testing to achieve full EN54 Certification.

  240 Devices per system *  
  Up to 7 Wireless Signal Boosters *  
  Option to Wire up to 7 wired signal boosters  
  Sophisticated Cause and Effects  
  72 Hour Standby from 1 x 12v 7a/h battery  
  Built in HMO function  
  8, 20 or 100 Zone Control Panels  
  SMS module available  
  Fully EN54 Certified  
* For systems with more than 240 devices, up to 8 systems can be networked. Please contact us for more information


As with any radio system, the initial site signal survey, is a critical part of the system design. Not only will this tell you what equipment is required, but it will also provide the exact locations that the signal boosters should be installed in.

Our survey tool is simple to use, and will ensure a reliable radio network. Please contact us for more info.

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