Electro Detectors Ltd are based in purpose built premises in Harlow, Essex.

We pride ourselves on the quality and design of our products and the fact that they are all manufactured and designed in the UK.

Electro Detectors designs manufactures and sells advanced addressable, radio fire detection and alarm systems.

Radio fire detection first became available in the early 1980’s. At that time there were many National Trust and English Heritage properties, as well as privately owned dwellings, that were desperately seeking an alternative to hardwired systems with all of the complications and disruption that such a system would bring.

Since 1988 we have been producing radio fire alarm systems that are available throughout the UK, some parts of Europe and Scandinavia. We were the first company to release a radio sounder and the first company to manufacture a combined sounder/detector. Our systems are fully addressable and can provide cover for every application from a small private dwelling with only a few devices, to a large system with over 1000 devices.

Mobile phone technology has over the last decade created huge advances in radio technology. This in turn has enabled Electro-Detectors to improve our range of products both in design and operation.

In 2005 we launched  our  Zerio range . This small 8 zone panel was capable of controlling 99 devices and proved a big hit with our customers, the zerio system provided a cost effective solution for the smaller installation. With the introduction of new european legislation (EN54) the Zerio system had to be redeveloped and  In June 2011 we launched our latest system Zerio Plus, as the name suggests this has all of the best features from the  Zerio System and a lot of new features designed to meet the requirement of the new standard. The Zerio Plus system is fully EN54 Certified,

With all of the advantages that radio offers – such as minimal disruption and fast installation time, our systems offer an the ideal solution.




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