In 2011 Electro Detectors launched the Zerio Plus fire alarm system which is fully compliant and type approved to the new relevant standard – EN54 part 25 and BS5839 Part-1, as a replacement for the non-compliant Millennium and Zerio systems. When this standard became mandatory, the frequency we were using had to be changed and therefore it was necessary to design a new model range.

Due to the new legislation, this meant that we were no longer able to supply the Millennium or Zerio equipment for new installations, or additions to existing systems. As a manufacturer we are not permitted to place any items into the market which are not third party certified to the new regulations. The official advice that we have been given is that any extensions to existing Millennium or Zerio systems must be done using the new fully compliant kit linked to the old system.

If you are looking to replace an existing system, the base plates of the Zerio Plus system are compatible with the older models and therefore need no drilling, ladders or scaffolding for installation, the new devices simply plug in to the existing bases. The panel network will require resurveying and replacing in order to meet the new frequency requirements of the system. The FIA (Fire Industry Association) have announced that where products need to be replaced that are not type approved, it is acceptable to replace these units provided they are ‘like for like’ replacements, i.e. the replacements function to the exact same specification of the devices that are being replaced.

As part of our duty of care to existing customers we will continue to supply spares and maintain existing systems for 10 years from the date the new standards were introduced. We shall therefore continue to produce spares for both Millennium and Zerio systems until 31st March 2021.

We will supply batteries for both systems for a further 5 years i.e. March 31st 2026.




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